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Inertial Propulsion Device - Education Device available for purchase ........ $990.00 CAD

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Real Automation's Inertial Propulsion Rearch Paper: The Combined Linear and Rotational Inertial propulsion©`

  • The publication is directed toward Engineers, Journalists and Educational Instructors reporting on new development in technology.
  • The publication describes in great detail the workings of the inertial propulsion device,
  • the dynamic principles involved and mathematical foundations for the propulsion cycle.
  • The publication delivers the rational explanation how the propulsion works and technical references used. The propulsion does not claim unusual principles in physics but a new combination of known physical principles.
  • The Publication delivers a mathematical method to calculate the internal generated propulsion thrust and reveals the Inertia Propulsion Formula for the first time.
  • The publication describes, in detail with technical drawings and operational graphs, a working and dimensioned combined inertial propulsion device able to overcome gravity.
  • The publication describes the rational to size the thrust and the limits to the magnitude of thrust obtainable.

Total 47 pages 8.5"X 11"; eight graphs; 2 page formulas; 6 technical drawings. $49.95