A novel method and device for self-contained inertial vehicular propulsion is presented, comprising a tandem mechanical frequency modulated oscillator operating in the complex cartesian grid plane using the combined effort of linear and rotational inertial reluctance contained in the mass of flywheels. The flywheels are having parallel axial orientation, opposite free wheeling rotation and opposite alternate cyclic linear free flowing reciprocal motion in the direction of vehicular travel by means of a linear to rotational coupled motion. The linear to rotational-coupled motion accomplishes the cyclic realignment of the flywheel motion to combine the linear and rotational motion into one vector sum propulsion impulse effort. The free flowing linear inertial reluctance of the flywheel mass is used as the propulsion motivating impact momentum by dual reciprocal separation and the freewheeling rotational inertial reluctance of the flywheel’s mass is used to absorb impulses contrary to the vehicular motion. Kinetic energy is accumulated reciprocally into each flywheel employing integral motor-generators rotors contained within the flywheels and an attached variable rotational-to-reciprocating transmission is directing the accumulated kinetic energy reciprocally into the device in direction of vehicular travel and reciprocally into the free flowing linear and rotational flywheel mass.

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